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Inktober day 5

My entire day. Drawn while holding my reference material.

Inktober day 4

No explanation shall be provided

Inktober day 3

My toddler turns everything into a gun.

Inktober day 2

Toddler Over a Sea of Sand. Or something like that. We live on a cliff and he was looking out over desert mountains.

Inktober day 1

Queen Cat from Kittens and Cats by Eulalie Grover. Check it out. The first cat memes.

Laser engraving all the things

I can now make tokens for the boardgame my husband created. All the pieces for two players have been laser engraved. The board is still just a few pieces of paper taped together, but I'll get to that one soon. Now that the pieces are done. I'm going to engrave everything. EVERYTHING

We're also working on a card game for a game jam. When that's done, the rules will be up here on You'll need a deck of cards some sort of tokens, and a full set of dice: d20, d12, etc. Nothing fancy. Now to keep engraving. My only obstacle is my 2 year old who is bound and determined to blind himself by looking directly at the laser.

Board game art!

My husband and I rapid prototyped a tactical board game for ages 6 and up. Instead of doing artwork the normal way, I did a little printmaking and scanned the results in to be vectorized. My dad has a lasercutter that he's constantly running, so hopefully should have some little game pieces soon. My favorite is definitely the horse.

All Things Bright and Beautiful Pocketmod is Available!

Now that my webtoon is complete, I had time to get this all formatted together. It's a printable pocketmod that you can fold yourself into your own little poem book.

PDF can be found here.

I also have art prints available of all the different pages and that can be found here.

Now on to the next project.

Liminal is Complete!

Chapter 4 right here

All four chapters are uploaded! Now to nap

Chapter 4 pencils

Done! I've started inking the last chapter. 2 pages in so far, but it'll be a few days before I'm even done with that. 3-4 pages a day is about all I can handle with a crazy toddler on the loose.

Visual representation of my day

Practicing with a brush pen and alcohol markers. Also with a toddler ring slinged to me because he absolutely refuses to take a nap today. He found a tiny toy revolver in his random toy stash and ran around the house "pssst"ing everything this morning.

Liminal Chapter 2

Completed Chapter 2! I wanted to upload yesterday, but I atleast finished it last night. 2 more updates to go.

First Chapter of Liminal is Up!

Knuckled down and finished up the colors today. Almost all in one shot. Thankfully, the child was merciful and mostly just wanted to run around outside in the heat with his dadda, so I got a lot more time than usual. Now to draw the rest of the chapters.

Chapter 1 properly inked

All panels have been inked in brush and ink and man is it much cooler looking than the digital version. Now for some digital watercolor and a cover image and I'll have a link up for the webcomic. WOOO

Webtoon progress

Got a Pentel Pocket Brush and am redoing all of Chapter 1 with it. I really like working on paper again. For a long time, I had an issue with "ruining" good paper and so I moved to digital only, but doing these drawings with the brush pen has forced me to accept the little mistakes and surprises that naturally come with brushes and I like the look of it a lot more. Still probably going to do the watercoloring in Rebelle because that's what I know and I really need to just get this thing done. I'll practice on the side for future projects though. This page marks the halfway point for Chapter 1. Hope to get it all drawn in the next day or so as toddler naps allow.

Food Coloring as Ink Experiment

So I had a little IRL art experiment with food coloring. I mixed red and blue and used it straight as an ink, nothing else in it. It works fairly well. The poor drawing is a faded brown now, but these are the results of a fairly fresh drawing. I used a liner brush for most of the linework and a dip pen for the gun. Scanned into Rebelle3 and added some watercolor. I also converted the ink to black and, man, can I not wait for Friday to come so we can go to the big (15,000 people) city an hour away and get some real ink. So if you can't get ink, and you don't want to deal with complicated recipes, just get some food coloring and mix some colors together until you get the hue you want. It works in a pinch.

Thought I was done with the inks on my first chapter and then watched a pro ink and redid a panel. Now I have to redo everything.

Happy Mother's Day

To all mothers who hold their children in their wombs, their arms, or their heart.

Thumbnail to Ink

Finished inking chapter 1 of my webtoon last night. Now to colors and so forth. I'll post a link to the finished product when it's, well, finished.

Webtoon thumbnailing

Finished the thumbnails for chapter 1. This is my favorite sketchy face so far. Excited to get a fully formed comic out, even if it's just one update for now. Woo

Webtoon map

I know very little about making comics, but I do know how to 3d model and how to prepare shot lists. This map helps with the prep stage before thumbnailing. Now that I have all my camera angles planned out, the thumbnailing stage should be a lot easier.


An homage to my Cherokee grandfather. I used a photo of him as a teenager for reference. My dad needed the headdress and nerdy glasses for logo purposes.

All Things Bright and Beautiful Page 7

Last page. FINALLY. Now to reformat a few drawings and then get it all put together and a few other things, so not exactly done, but almost. Oh, and lettering. There's a lot of lettering to do now.

Speedpaint on a GE CG 9806 VHS Camcorder About a Man in a Cave

bEHOLD the glory

final image here: