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Inktober day 4

No explanation shall be provided

Inktober day 3

My toddler turns everything into a gun.

Inktober day 1

Queen Cat from Kittens and Cats by Eulalie Grover. Check it out. The first cat memes.

All Things Bright and Beautiful Pocketmod is Available!

Now that my webtoon is complete, I had time to get this all formatted together. It's a printable pocketmod that you can fold yourself into your own little poem book.

PDF can be found here.

I also have art prints available of all the different pages and that can be found here.

Now on to the next project.

Food Coloring as Ink Experiment

So I had a little IRL art experiment with food coloring. I mixed red and blue and used it straight as an ink, nothing else in it. It works fairly well. The poor drawing is a faded brown now, but these are the results of a fairly fresh drawing. I used a liner brush for most of the linework and a dip pen for the gun. Scanned into Rebelle3 and added some watercolor. I also converted the ink to black and, man, can I not wait for Friday to come so we can go to the big (15,000 people) city an hour away and get some real ink. So if you can't get ink, and you don't want to deal with complicated recipes, just get some food coloring and mix some colors together until you get the hue you want. It works in a pinch.

Thumbnail to Ink

Finished inking chapter 1 of my webtoon last night. Now to colors and so forth. I'll post a link to the finished product when it's, well, finished.


An homage to my Cherokee grandfather. I used a photo of him as a teenager for reference. My dad needed the headdress and nerdy glasses for logo purposes.