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All Things Bright and Beautiful Pocketmod is Available!

Now that my webtoon is complete, I had time to get this all formatted together. It's a printable pocketmod that you can fold yourself into your own little poem book.

PDF can be found here.

I also have art prints available of all the different pages and that can be found here.

Now on to the next project.

Liminal is Complete!

Chapter 4 right here

All four chapters are uploaded! Now to nap

First Chapter of Liminal is Up!

Knuckled down and finished up the colors today. Almost all in one shot. Thankfully, the child was merciful and mostly just wanted to run around outside in the heat with his dadda, so I got a lot more time than usual. Now to draw the rest of the chapters.

Food Coloring as Ink Experiment

So I had a little IRL art experiment with food coloring. I mixed red and blue and used it straight as an ink, nothing else in it. It works fairly well. The poor drawing is a faded brown now, but these are the results of a fairly fresh drawing. I used a liner brush for most of the linework and a dip pen for the gun. Scanned into Rebelle3 and added some watercolor. I also converted the ink to black and, man, can I not wait for Friday to come so we can go to the big (15,000 people) city an hour away and get some real ink. So if you can't get ink, and you don't want to deal with complicated recipes, just get some food coloring and mix some colors together until you get the hue you want. It works in a pinch.

Happy Mother's Day

To all mothers who hold their children in their wombs, their arms, or their heart.

All Things Bright and Beautiful Page 7

Last page. FINALLY. Now to reformat a few drawings and then get it all put together and a few other things, so not exactly done, but almost. Oh, and lettering. There's a lot of lettering to do now.

Webtoon prep time

I interrupt our stream of wholesome pastoral watercolors to introduce a sneakpeek at my psycological horror mini webtoon for their canvas contest. I only had an hour of time to paint last night, so I decided to do a real quick style test. The style is probably changing a bit. It's not dark enough and if this guy is going to be trapped in a mine, then it sure as heck better be super dark. I also made the most useless timelapse of the process with my 1988 vhs camera and that will be [here] and [here] when the video is uploaded. So check back if it's not there yet.

All Things Bright and Beautiful Page 6

One more page after this. Then some revamping of a few older pieces. Nothing too big, just cleaning up some line art and paint edges. I better get this done soon because I have a short webtoon comic to thumbnail and draw. I feel a lot more prepared for it now that I've had this warm up.

All Things Bright and Beautiful Page 5

I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just a few more paintings to go. This turns out to be way faster to draw and color than my old way of digital painting funnily enough. Which is way helpful when the only time I have is in small 30 minute toddler enthralled Veggie Tales blocks.

All Things Bright and Beautiful Page 4

More art changes as I get more comfortable painting. I even figured out how to color mix in this program. I like how natural it's all beginning to feel. Not sure if I'll go back to the previous paintings and change them a bit. I'm still happy with them, but I love where it's all going.

All Things Bright and Beautiful Page 3

I changed the arrangement of my desk to facilitate more art and it got me into a flow state faster. I like. That's probably why the style changed a bit for this page. I also made a new ink pen in Rebelle and that contributed to the style change as well. I feel good about it. I know I'm getting better.

All Things Bright and Beautiful Page 2

5 more pages to go. Thankfully had some time today where I wasn't exhausted from this kicking baby in my belly, and the kicking toddler running around the house.

All Things Bright and Beautiful Page 1

6 more pages to go. I'm figuring out this watercolor stuff. The empty space is for the text. Here's hoping the next page looks even better than this one as I figure out my own technique.

Cover for All Things Bright and Beautiful

Making a small pocketmod book for my son so he can have a baby sized poem book to carry around with him. He loves this particular poem, especially when we sing it to him. There's 7 more illustrations to go. Some more complicated, some less. I'm pretty pleased with how this one turned out.

Baby Punch Speedpainting

Don't have a video of the drawing process, sorry about that. Need to charge up my action cam and get it into place so you can't see the fabric mess around my desk. This took about an hour to color. I don't actually know how to use watercolor properly, but I'll figure it out as I go. Here's the finished piece. Music is this.

Baby Punch Comic

I've always wanted to draw a webcomic and I had the time to watch a Bluprint class by Jon Chad. Guess all I needed was some structure and assignments. This is what I imagine my kid is doing in my womb when I feel little taps. Drawn on a Remarkable and colored in Rebelle 3.

Steve the Rat ignoring you

Good day. I'm currently waiting my toddler out on his nap. He's been talking to himself in his baby cage for like an hour now and won't go to frickin sleep. Anyway, here's some concept art for you. This was my nanowrimo turned potential webcomic. I've never made a webcomic. I'm working on a short one right now, and it's past the writing phase and then I spent 3 hours in SculptVR while my child watched Shaun the Sheep (not all at once mind you) building the cave system that it takes place in. I'm telling myself that it'll make it easier to plan my backgrounds, but this obj file is ginormous. It'll be worth it in the end.