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Liminal is Complete!

Chapter 4 right here

All four chapters are uploaded! Now to nap

Liminal Chapter 2

Completed Chapter 2! I wanted to upload yesterday, but I atleast finished it last night. 2 more updates to go.

First Chapter of Liminal is Up!

Knuckled down and finished up the colors today. Almost all in one shot. Thankfully, the child was merciful and mostly just wanted to run around outside in the heat with his dadda, so I got a lot more time than usual. Now to draw the rest of the chapters.

Chapter 1 properly inked

All panels have been inked in brush and ink and man is it much cooler looking than the digital version. Now for some digital watercolor and a cover image and I'll have a link up for the webcomic. WOOO

Webtoon progress

Got a Pentel Pocket Brush and am redoing all of Chapter 1 with it. I really like working on paper again. For a long time, I had an issue with "ruining" good paper and so I moved to digital only, but doing these drawings with the brush pen has forced me to accept the little mistakes and surprises that naturally come with brushes and I like the look of it a lot more. Still probably going to do the watercoloring in Rebelle because that's what I know and I really need to just get this thing done. I'll practice on the side for future projects though. This page marks the halfway point for Chapter 1. Hope to get it all drawn in the next day or so as toddler naps allow.

Thought I was done with the inks on my first chapter and then watched a pro ink and redid a panel. Now I have to redo everything.

Thumbnail to Ink

Finished inking chapter 1 of my webtoon last night. Now to colors and so forth. I'll post a link to the finished product when it's, well, finished.

Webtoon map

I know very little about making comics, but I do know how to 3d model and how to prepare shot lists. This map helps with the prep stage before thumbnailing. Now that I have all my camera angles planned out, the thumbnailing stage should be a lot easier.

Speedpaint on a GE CG 9806 VHS Camcorder About a Man in a Cave

bEHOLD the glory

final image here:

Webtoon prep time

I interrupt our stream of wholesome pastoral watercolors to introduce a sneakpeek at my psycological horror mini webtoon for their canvas contest. I only had an hour of time to paint last night, so I decided to do a real quick style test. The style is probably changing a bit. It's not dark enough and if this guy is going to be trapped in a mine, then it sure as heck better be super dark. I also made the most useless timelapse of the process with my 1988 vhs camera and that will be [here] and [here] when the video is uploaded. So check back if it's not there yet.

wip map for my short webcomic

Here's a small part of that cave/mine system I built in SculptVR to help me visualize what my locations looked like. This thing was half a gig, but some tweaking in blender got it down to 8mb. Now all my programs don't complain anymore.